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In recognition of the fact that reliable corporate governance is essential to the continuous creation of social value and the maximization of corporate value, NEC Corporation (the “Company”) is committed to strengthening its corporate governance practices in terms of both oversight and execution through the following basic policies:

  1. Assurance of transparent and sound management,
  2. Realization of prompt decision making and business execution;
  3. Clarification of accountability; and
  4. Timely, appropriate and fair disclosure of information.

NEC has appointed a CRO to accurately identify and address internal and external risks related to its businesses. The Company maintains a system to mitigate the probability of losses through Groupwide oversight and centralized response to risks across the Group.

In its Principles, NEC subscribes to “Uncompromising Integrity and Respect for Human Rights,” and conducts continuous Companywide activities involving everyone from officers to employees with management firmly based on compliance.
Furthermore, identifying compliance as one of NEC’s priority management themes from an ESG perspective—materiality—the Mid-term Management Plan 2025 sets as a goal zero cases of serious involvement with cartels and/or bid-rigging.

NEC endeavors to work not only internally, but also through collaboration and co-creation with suppliers to conduct business while giving full attention to its impacts on the environment and society as a whole, with the intention of gaining the trust of society and helping to create sustainable social value.
NEC formulated the NEC Group Procurement Policy based on its concepts of Management for Sustainability and international guidance standards for social responsibility and sustainable procurement. We are developing a policy in internal control pertaining to sustainable procurement and among suppliers.

In an era of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA), we are faced with the question of how we can achieve the NEC 2030VISION. We believe that a key part of the answer lies in the idea of “seizing the future together,” multiplied by “technology.”
Our belief is that there are four key elements important for actually implementing technology in society: market intelligence, technology development, business development and social acceptance.
Therefore, NEC is working to expand R&D co-creation and open innovation, venturing into new domains to create businesses that can impact society, and acting as thought leaders.

We recognize that it is our duty to protect the information assets entrusted to us by our customers and business partners as well as our own information assets in order to provide better products and services and contribute to the development of society. Based on this concept, NEC has positioned security, correctively referring to both information security and cyber security, as one of the critical subjects of ”materiality”, its priority management them from an ESG perspective—materiality, and has established its “Information Security Statement” as the basis for driving our efforts.