Toner Cartridges

NEC has been collecting and reusing Laser/LED cartridges for laser printers, In line with our development of environmentally sound products, NEC has implemented the post-use collection and recycling of used NEC cartridges. We encourage you to cooperate with the collection of used cartridges to help create a recycling-oriented society.

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    We kindly request that our customers take the responsibility to appropriately dispose of used cartridges they do not wish to have collected.

Target products

Used genuine NEC cartridges for NEC Laser/LED type printers, facsimile machines and multi-function facsimile machines

Collection methods

Please contact us at the telephone number or e-mail address below. We will send a designated courier to collect your cartridges at no cost to you.

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    This service limited to products targeted at the Japanese domestic market.
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    Collection of cartridges will be carried out within Japan only.

Collection/recycling flow

Cartidge recycling system illustration