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Ink Cartridges (Collection Discontinued)

Collection of used ink ribbons for NEC MultiImpact dot printers and ink cartridges for PICTY ink-jet printers and SPEAKS fax machines has been discontinued.

Since FY 2002/3, customers have been invited to bring their used printer ink consumables (ink ribbons for MultiImpact dot printers, and PICTY and SPEAKS ink cartridges) to NEC Fielding branches and sales offices for free-of-charge recycling. However, the number of collected items was not large enough for this service to feasibly continue. The service has therefore been discontinued.
NEC would like to thank everyone for their cooperation in bringing in their used ink ribbons and cartridges. These items should now be disposed of using the applicable method below.

1.Target items

Ink ribbons for MultiImpact dot impact printers
Ink cartridges for PICTY ink-jet printers
Ink cartridges for SPEAKS fax machines

2.Date of service discontinuation

This service was discontinued as of Friday April 24, 2015.

3.How to dispose of your used printer ink ribbons and cartridges

1)Business customers

Dispose of ink ribbons and ink cartridges as industrial waste in accordance with the Waste Disposal Law*.
*1 Waste Disposal Law: Waste Management and Public Cleansing Law (Legislative Decree No. 137)

2)Individual customers

Dispose of ink cartridges in accordance with the rules prescribed by your local municipality, or place your used ink cartridges in the collection boxes installed at post offices and municipal facilities in your area as part of the “Ink Cartridge Come Home” project*2.

*2  “Ink Cartridge Come Home” project new windowhttp://www.inksatogaeri.jp/
This is a project initiated by six printer companies (including Hewlett Packard Japan) to promote the recycling of used ink cartridges.