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NEC Group Action policy on Biodiversity

In 2010, the International Year of Biodiversity, we developed our biodiversity action guidelines.
We will promote activities in line with the following action guidelines.

Based on the recognition that biodiversity is an important foundation for a sustainable society, the NEC Group will respect international charters and frameworks on biodiversity, minimise as much as possible the impact of its business activities and employees' lives, and actively promote employee activities that contribute to biodiversity and IT solutions that We will actively promote the provision of IT solutions and activities by our employees that contribute to biodiversity.

Basic policy

Basic policy

1. Deepen understanding of biodiversity

In order to promote biodiversity-conscious behaviour, we will clarify the relationship between our business activities and daily life and biodiversity, and deepen understanding of biodiversity among employees, their families and suppliers.

2. Act with consideration for the impact on biodiversity

Expand environmental and social contribution activities linked to biodiversity conservation in cooperation with local communities, schools and NPOs. Work to conserve biodiversity by practising biodiversity-conscious behaviour in business and daily life.

3. Contribute to biodiversity through business.

Contribute to biodiversity conservation by using IT and NW to 'visualise' biodiversity-related events and provide solutions that lead to 'prevention' and 'restoration and recovery'.

Action Guidelines

  1. Deepen employees' understanding of biodiversity and raise their awareness of it, so that they will act proactively in a biodiversity-conscious manner at work and at home.
  2. Strengthen ecosystem conservation activities in cooperation with local communities, schools and NPOs.
  3. Actively develop and provide IT and NW solutions and technologies that contribute to biodiversity conservation.
  4. Clarify the relationship with biodiversity throughout the entire supply chain and life cycle, including design and development, procurement, production, logistics, service provision, use phase and disposal, and promote biodiversity-conscious activities.
  5. Actively disclose and share information on biodiversity initiatives.

The NEC paddy making project, which is part of employee awareness-raising, is also working to conserve biodiversity, and a variety of living creatures have returned to the restored Yatsuda rice paddies.