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Water Leak Detection Service


With efficient management of aging water pipes, the leaks can be easily identified and repaired ultimately resulting in cutting down water outages and economic losses.
Easy to remove sensors are installed underground in the manholes of water pipes *1 with hydrant and valves. When the water leak occurs, the sensors record the vibration caused due to water leak. Further the data collected from multiple sensors is analyzed to zero down at the point of the water leak in the underground pipe. The same will also be displayed in the map on the web screen.

NEC Cloud Services collect and store the data from sensor through wireless or 3G lines etc. On daily basis the analyzed data results of water leak detection status is submitted to Cloud service users in the report format.

Main Features of the service

By combination of high precision sensors and Cloud, we offer easy water leak analysis and control system.
Simplifying the skills and job of conventional water leak detectors and at the same making it possible to conduct water leak detection in shorter time, including even those places which remained neglected for water leak detection for months together. We support detecting and stopping the water leakage in the early stage which highly contributes in effective usage of water resource.

Sensors small in size and high precision

Sensors small in size and high precision

The sensor to be installed in hydrants and valves of water pipes is a product of Gutermann,*2 a Switzerland based world class leading manufacturer, specializing in the water leak detection technology.
Outperforming in water leak detection accuracy, these sensors are small, light weight, waterproof and thus easy to handle. These sensors have built in magnet and can easily be installed and require no special handling *3. Moreover the built in battery in the sensors can last for 5 years *4 without replacement giving us the flexibly to be deployed at a place for short term analysis while at the same time it stands good where long term installation is required for leak detection.

Data collection method from Sensors

The data recorded by the sensors can be collected in the Data Center by the following 2 methods :

(a) Drive by Type
The area where sensors are installed is patrolled by the vehicles carrying a radio receiver, which collect the recorded data from the sensor by short range radio transmission.
Data collected with the radio receiver is transmitted to data center server through packet data.

(b) Permanent Type *6
A Repeater is fixed to the Pole near the manhole where sensor is installed for observation and vibration measurement. The data from the sensor is relayed to the Repeater through radio transmission to be further transmitted to Base station. Further the data is transmitted to Data Center server with packet data.

In the Drive by type the wireless transmission equipment is not installed so the site of water leak detection can easily be shifted. On the contrary in the permanent type it is not possible to conduct survey of the place outside the fixed spot though it is possible to do very precise investigation of the aging pipes and pinpoint at the leak location.

Effective control through Cloud to Users

Main surveillance screen has excellent inspection and search functionality. In its Data analysis screen, technical phenomenon can be checked. In the main screen the location of the sensors and the water leakage is displayed along with the water leak score. Users can investigate the leak condition, and effectively plan the investigation and the repair activities to be taken up at site.

Sensors Specifications and important Service functions

Sensors Specification details

Installation instructions Powerful magnet fixed at bottom
Dust and water proof IP68
Applicable temperature range -30℃ to + 70℃
Communication Specified low power radio transmission
Battery Life 5 Years *4
Dimensions φ42mm×100mm *5
Weight 310 g

The main application service functions

  1. Monitoring and display of water leakage Situation
    Displays installed sensors and their water leakage situation on the map. Moreover water leakage severity is displayed in the range of 0 to 100 score and divided with color identification.
  2. Pinpoint the water leakage location
    Displays leak location by automatically analyzing the correlation data of multiple sensors.
  3. Alert function
    Indicate high probability water leakage spot.
  4. History / related information registration.
    The investigation history comments and construction repair work records can be input and displayed on the map.
  5. Pipe details file (Mapping system) related
    It is possible to upload or download pipe distribution system drawings in the Shape file format.*7

*1: This solution can mainly be applied to the water pipes with less theφ400mm.

*2: Head Office : Switzerland Baar, Representative Officer : Lucas Grolimund
   Related info for ref:

*3: As per the installation environment, the sensors installation may require specific installation.

*4: Continues usage time may differ due to the operating conditions and installation environment.

*5: Wireless antenna dimensions are not included in the displayed dimensions.

*6: Initially drive by method will be launched; permanent type will be released later.

*7: In principle Pipe details file (mapping system) will be managed on case by case basis.