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FAQ - NEC Virtual PC Center

Client Terminal US100 / US110

Q.Can I connect other thin clients (Neoware) onto a VPCC infrastructure?
A.Yes, this is with an RDP connection: but the quality of video playback and quality of VoIP are reduced. PCs can also be connected in the migration frame. It is not possible to integrate Palms, unless they include a RDP component (compiled with the processor).
Q.Can I use the US100 with other thin client architecture?
A.Yes, but the quality of video playback is reduced.
Q.Can I use 2 screens?
A.Not likely. However, our sales staff will be able to accommodate your needs. Please feel free to contact us.

Connect US100 / US110 to the VPCC Infrastructure

Q.Can I install a US100 with an ADSL for connection at home?
A.Yes, the US100 contains the protocol PPOE (Point to Point Over Ethernet) which allows this. The connection can be protected and secured in a number of ways :
  • using a PPTP agent through the server PPTP (Point to Point Tunneling Protocol)
  • using the US100 behind a Gateway/ Firewall

The connection must already be fast enough to support Video (2MB/s) to prevent the user being interrupted.

VPC Servers / VPC Management Servers

Q.Can I use the servers of my choice (NEC or others) as virtual servers?
A.Not likely for numerous reasons :
  1. Support : in accordance with our OEM contract with VMware, only NEC Servers can be used, notably to ensure proper technical support.
  2. Integration in the factory : the virtualization layer is installed during the manufacturing of the servers
  3. Administration of the infrastructure : the management console SigmaSystemCenter allows alerts to be precisely highlighted and isolated using the Hardware alerts (ESMPro) as well as control of the virtual PCs (Virtual Center): actions can be activated in manual mode, or automatically and semi-automatically with SigmaSystemCenter. This collection of actions is lost if hardware alerts are not used.
  4. Price : our partnership with VMware allows us to offer a very competitive price on the ESX+ Virtual Center together with the VPCC tools.
Q.Can I add as many VPC's as I want on a virtual server?
A.there is a recommended number of units to be added according to your IT system. Please contact our sales staff for a free simulation of system configuration.
Q.What Server hardware can support SigmaSystemCenter?
A.The 120Rg-1, 1 CPU, 3 GB of memory, with windows2003 server (eng) for a basic configuration The 120Ri-2, with windows2003 server (eng) for a more advanced setup (backup machine, data base, SAN administration ... )
Q.What are the modules of the SigmaSystemCenter?
A.ESMPro : hardware monitoring ; Virtual Center : monitoring of VPC's ; DPM : deployment of applications and patches ; session manager : Sessions management and connections of users/US100; System Provisioning monitoring : management of rules/ automatic/ semi-automatic actions; SigmaSystemCenter web console On the Management Server there are tools available to update the operating system and firmware of the thin clients.

OS & Applications

Q.What are the Operating Systems of the VPC's, Virtual PC's?
A.Microsoft Windows XP Professional is the one.
Q.Can I install an open source OS or Linux on the VPC's?
A.Not likely, the connection is made with an RDP protocol (Remote Data Protocol) which is a Microsoft proprietary protocol.
Q.What applications will function with VPCC for users?
A.All applications that function on MS Windows XP Pro will work on VPCC, With the exception of applications requiring high specification graphic cards such as CAO and CFAO. These applications in general are better suited to Workstations.
Q.How am I going to manage my applications on my client post with VPCC?
A.In the same way as with normal PC's. One application by VPC
Q.How does the deployment of my applications happen on the virtual machines?
A.At the point of creation, a template is created with the OS and the required applications. This template is then duplicated to obtain the VPC's (this corresponds to a copy of the file) For everyday use, the traditional tools supplied with PC's can be used (Landesk, Altiris, SMS), or the DPM provided in SigmaSystemCenter.

Voice over IP Telephony

Q.How many users can use the NEC SV7000 VoIP Server?
A.SV7000 supports from 750 connections up to hundreds of thousands. It can support mixed environments such as IP, DECT, etc.