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VPCC Servers - NEC Virtual PC Center

Optimize your server resource utilization through virtualization
Realize optimum desktop operation performance by allocating CPU and memory resources when a virtual desktop is at high load.

Experience NEC's high-performance computing optimized for virtualization
Powered by Intel® Xeon® E5-2400 series processors, NEC Express5800 server achieves optimized performance for virtualized environment.

System scale: 50-20,000 desktops

Recommended servers

Rack Servers

Rack servers

NEC Express5800 rack servers are designed to deliver high performance, reliability and availability at affordable prices and address any business environment, from work groups and small businesses to medium and large enterprises.

Blade Servers

Blade servers

IT managers are facing infrastructure challenges that include costs, energy, change and productivity. NEC Express5800 Blade servers provide a versatile infrastructure to quickly deliver services to your business. NEC Express5800 Blade servers systems contain server, storage and network components in a cost-effective design. The mangement of blade server is far easier than traditional rack-mount servers, the density is greater and the power consumption much lower.

Virtualization allows for efficient use of server resources

Resources are allocated according to each user's performance requirements, enabling users to complete projects seamlessly.

If the server load increases, Virtual PC is moved automatically to a less-loaded server to maintain a balance within the servers.

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