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Compare Thin Client over PC - NEC Virtual PC Center

25% TCO reduction with NEC thin client systems
By consolidating desktop environments, both administrators and users can reduce the time required for management.
*Based on NEC calculations


Ensure data protection

Corporate data security is improved because no data is stored on the thin client terminals. You can also continue your work just by replacing a failed terminal.

System scale: 50-20,000 desktops

Compare thin client over current business PC

Reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by around 25% over just three years

The administrator uses an administration console from which he or she manages the virtualized server and the client configuration.

Centralizing the administration improves productivity thereby reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by around 25% over just three years.

Thin client system NEC Virtual PC Center can provide you with following management benefits;

  • Much easier management.
  • Operational cost can be reduced thanks to SSC - NEC SigmaSystemCenter and virtualization technology by VMware.
  • Easy add-on of PCs
  • Anti-virus measure in one go
  • Total Cost of Ownership can be reduced!