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Management Software - NEC Virtual PC Center

NEC's platform management technology brings stability to enterprise IT systems
Deliver advanced stability through technology such as automatic load-balancing.

NEC SigmaSystemCenter ensures stable operations even in large-scale systems
NEC has a proven track record with large-scale deployments of over 10,000 desktop environments.

The VPCC Management Server provides centralized management over the entire VPCC system in an integrated manner.

  • Simple Management of Virtual PCs

  • Easy to Add New Users
  • Install Application Patches in One Go
  • Optimal Distribution of Server Resources
  • Autonomous Recovery at Failures
  • Automatic Access to Your Virtual PC
  • Clustered (Duplicate) Management Server
  • Enhanced Client Management Options
  • Encrypted Communication between Terminals and Connection Broker (Manager)

Users are automatically identified and connected to the optimum virtual PC by way of a log-in ID and terminal information.
OS patches and application software updates are also delivered automatically to all virtual PC. The addition of new virtual PC is also easy and time efficient.

Green IT - significant energy savings

VPCC autonomously and dynamically reallocates and consolidates virtual PCs to optimize physical servers.
Power consumption is minimized by shutting down idle servers during low load periods such as night hours and holidays, and starting them up again at the beginning of the day or whenever access to virtual PCs increases.
As a result, VPCC delivers energy savings as much as 43% over traditional PC systems.

Green IT