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Case Study: Nij Smellinghe Hospital

Nij Smellinghe Hospital - Netherlands

Nij Smellinghe Hospital - Netherlands System scale 100 desktops
Industries Health
Countries / Regions (Languages) Netherlands (English)

A major Hospital in the Netherlands known for its use of advanced technologies, delivering best of breed Health Services.

Customer requirements

  • Use in back office
    • Normal usage compared to standard PC
    • High security to avoid information leakage
  • Use as Kiosk PC for open office for doctors and nurses
    • To easily and quickly access to patient information in order to improve Quality of Service
  • It needs to be clean and quiet, with high security to avoid information leakage

NEC IT approach

Thin Client Terminals 100 X US100
VPCC Servers 2 X VPCC server
1 X Management server (ft server)
Connected to a SAN(S1500)

IT improvements & user benefits

  • As easy to use as standard PCs
    • VPCC can keep a usability of standard PC with even higher security
  • Very convenient to be used as Kiosk PCs for doctors and nurses
    • VPCC provides with dustless, noiseless environment
    • Doctors/nurses can access to their desktop environment from any terminals in the hospital network to access patients' confidential data
  • High security is kept, and has contributed to Quality of Service
  • High Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) advantage