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Case Study: MPO

MPO - France

A leading manufacturer of windows for houses in France known for the excellence and premier quality of their products.

MPO - France System scale 80 desktops
Industries Manufacturing
Countries / Regions (Languages) France (French)

Customer requirements

  • The company is growing its number of employees and will need to install PC accordingly;
    they want to cut down installation expense
  • They want to replace all the PCs for the production line, back office and front office

NEC IT approach

Thin Client Terminals 360 X US100
VPCC Servers 2 X VPCC server
1 X Spare Server
1 X Backup Server
1 X Management server (ft server)

IT improvements & user benefits

  • Easy deployment and PC add-on which contributes to a reduction of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Trouble free, Easy to implement
  • Fully compatible with existing environment (i.e. barcode system)
  • Easy to use like standard PCs
  • High level of fault tolerance by implementing NEC Express5800 ft server with up to 99.999% system uptime