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Case Study - NEC Virtual PC Center

Asia Pacific

A large-scale VPCC desktop virtualization solution replaces 26,000 PCs to enhance IT security and achive a 30% reduction in operating costs.

Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd.

System scale 26,000 desktops
Industry Non-life insurance (insurance underwriting, asset servicing), business and administration agent, liability insurance, sales of mutual funds, automobile liability insurance agent
Country / Region Japan

Virtual PC Center enhances data security and IT resource efficiency of municipal offices. Now 1000 staff members conveniently share 700 virtualized PCs.

Tsukuba Science City - Japan System scale 700 desktops(500 thin clients and 200 PCs)
Industry Government
Country / Region Japan

To strengthen business continuity and to adapt to various working styles, Daiwa Securities have introduced 1,200 thin client computers at their company headquarters to form an agile IT infrastructure.

Daiwa Securities - Japan

System scale 1,200 desktops
Industry Finance
Country / Region Japan

Robust data security and flexibility enable mobile work.
Combining Virtual PC Center thin client and VPN systems solves two conflicting challenges.

Hokkaido Telecommunication Network Co., Inc. - Japan

System scale 40 desktops
Industry Telecom
Country / Region Japan

The Gotemba City Government has successfully solved the headache of increasing on-site PC management cost and workloads by installing NEC Thin Client terminals across the city hall and branch offices.

Gotemba City - Japan

System scale 630 desktops
Industry Government
Country / Region Japan

The Gotemba City Board of Education plan to replace all PCs for teachers with thin client systems in all elementary and junior high schools. Find out how they guard school confidential data while improving accessibility for teachers' convenience.

Gotemba City - Japan

System scale 66 desktops
Industry Government
Country / Region Japan

15,000 workers benefit from VPCC for mobility work style. Configured on SIGMABLADE, NEC Storage, and US-terminals, company-wide VPCC system contributes to improving data security and reducing TCO. This experience enables us to provide better quality of services to the customers.

NEC Corporation - Japan

System scale 20,000 desktops
Industry Other
Country / Region Japan

Two town merger formed Kitanagoya City and resulted in distributed satellite offices, raising operation management and data security issues.Under the city's "Fast acting administration" policy, all 440 PCs were switched over to the Thin Client terminals to better address the local government affairs.

Kitanagoya City - Japan

System scale 440 desktops
Industry Government
Country / Region Japan

Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA)

The VPCC solution satisfies the customer's needs for mobility, security and business continuity while reducing administrative work.


System scale 8,000 desktops
Industry Retail
Country / Region France

The NEC Virtual PC Center offers a turnkey, reliable and cost effective solution for the private hospital.


System scale 150 desktops
Industry Health care
Country / Region Saudi Arabia

An alternative solution for the replacement of PCs, providing mobility and flexibility.

Jazan university

System scale 2,600 desktops
Industry Education
Country / Region Saudi Arabia

Bradford College - The United Kingdom

System scale 360 desktops
Industry Education
Country / Region The United Kingdom

One of the biggest universities in The United Kingdom with 3 campuses with 30,000 students decided to implement NEC thin client system Virtual PC Center for the optimum educational environment for their students.

A major hospital in the Netherlands known for its use of advanced technologies, wanted to improve the quality of their service with greater security and accessibility to their patients information.

Nij Smellinghe Hospital - Netherlands

System scale 100 desktops
Industry Health
Country / Region Netherlands

Access to and control of over 20,000 daily passes, 30,000 onsite tickets, as well as journalists' requirements for smooth, uninterrupted data transmission… All were supported by NEC's thin client system Virtual PC Center.

Cannes Film Festival - France

System scale 50 desktops
Industry Media & Entertainment
Country / Region France

A leading house window manufacturer is growing its number of employees. As they install PC, they want to cut down the installation expense to the minimum.

MPO - France

System scale 80 desktops
Industry Manufacturing
Country / Region France