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Benefits of NEC Virtual PC Center

Thin client with Windows full OS support

Thin client system NEC Virtual PC Center operates in the same way as a traditional desktop PC, enabling the user to access all typical desktop PC applications. The only difference to the user is that they no longer need to worry about issues such as backing up their data, maintaining software, and so on.

You are able to access your desktop environment, your applications, and your data using any Virtual PC Center thin client terminal in the world. You can stop working, disconnect your PC, and then reconnect later on, and still pick up from where you left off.

Easy management & operation

The administrator uses an administration console from which he or she manages the virtualized server and the client configuration.
Centralizing the administration improves productivity thereby reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by around 25% over just three years.
Thin client system NEC Virtual PC Center can provide you with following management benefits;

  • Much easier management
  • Operational cost can be reduced thanks to SSC - NEC SigmaSystemCenter and virtualization technology by VMware
  • Easy add-on of PCs
  • Anti-virus measure in one go
  • Total Cost of Ownership can be reduced

Thin Client System NEC Virtual PC Center ? Investment Cost

The introduction of NEC thin client system Virtual PC Center reduces working times and delivers outstanding cost performance

More secure corporate data

Standard laptops and desktop PCs carry confidential corporate information, which can pose a serious business risk in the wrong hands. With NEC thin client system Virtual PC Center, no information whatsoever is stored on the laptop or desktop because all the files and applications reside securely in the data center.

Eco-friendly thin client system

  • Reduce power consumption in your office and your server room
  • Long life-cycle of 5 years -- (normally PC can live up to approximately 3 years)
Thin Client System NEC Virtual PC Center - your solution

The Virtual PC Center can drastically reduce the energy consumption with the help of virtualization technology by VMware.
The US110 consumes just 13W versus 120W for the average desktop PC. Even including the energy consumption of the servers, the overall consumption is reduced by 50% when compared to normal PC installations.

Furthermore, the hardware lasts for five or six years compared to the typical PC lifespan of just three years.

Thin Client System NEC Virtual PC Center - Power Consumption
  • HDD less
  • High resistance to damage — no fan, no HDD

All desktop PCs contain a fan to keep the PC cool. But the VPCC contains no fan because the heat is disseminated through the US110 unit itself. In a working environment with many PCs, this feature makes a big difference to noise and heat pollution, which improves staff comfort and morale.

It is simpler for you if the complete solution, hardware and software, comes from a single vendor.
We give you a single point of contact for support and maintenance.