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Enhancing the productivity with Unified Communications & Collaborations SuiteSultan Abdul Aziz Shah Hospital (HSAAS)

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Enhancing the productivity with Unified Communications & Collaborations Suite

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Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Hospital (HSAAS), previously known as University Putra Malaysia Teaching Hospital (HPUPM) was established in 2019 as teaching hospital for the UPM Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, with a capacity of 400 beds and 17 wards.
Besides providing training to various health professionals, HSAAS is the Center for Clinical Excellence offering advanced treatment, research and education services. HSAAS provides comprehensive medical care to the community.


The hospital needs a straightforward and user-friendly administrative solution that can seamlessly merge with the pre-existing communications system employed at various other UPM Facilities. The PBX system must function as a comprehensive IP solution, complete with redundancy measures to guarantee service continuity in the event of power disruptions.
Given that HSAAS operates as a part of the UPM, it is imperative that the chosen PBX system can easily integrate with the existing communications system network utilized by other UPM facilities. Additionally, the hospital's investment needs to be safeguarded by ensuring the PBX system is scalable to accommodate future expansion needs.


NEC's Authorized partner, BYO Tech has proposed a full IP Solution with redundancy capability to meet HSAAS requirement. This system has been designed to align with the specifications outlined by the approved consultant and adheres to JKR compliance standards.
In order to cater to HSAAS's communication needs, a comprehensive IP-based solution with built-in redundancy was proposed. NEC's UNIVERGE SV series was installed that supports PRI and SIP Trunk, with a total of 1,418 endpoints.

- 1,177 IP Phones connected to Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches
- An Operator station equipped with Business ConneCT (BCT), which uses a digital phone instead of IP phones for redundancy purposes
- 240 single-line phones to serve as backup in case of network infrastructure failures

The solution also aims to seamlessly integrate the existing communication system used in other UPM facilities.

As a hospital with many departments, the operator at HSAAS plays an important role in handling and diverting calls made to the hospital. Business ConneCT (BCT) is a Unified Communications & Collaborations Suite that integrates all communication streams and presents them in a single view. It is simple and cost-effective system to deploy, enhancing the productivity of the operator or even office users.


NEC is a reputable brand and its unified communications platform is known for its stability and reliability. NEC's UNIVERGE SV series was proposed as it meets the requirement of the infrastructure. The tender required us to provide a reputable and reliable telecommunication system for a healthcare institution as voice communication is very crucial in their daily operations.
In addition to its redundancy feature, it can also seamlessly integrate with the existing communications system used in other UPM facilities.

BYO Tech has been an Authorized Partner of NEC for more than 8 years and they have vast experience in deploying projects for healthcare, manufacturing, and government sectors.
Perry Chuah, Director of BYO Tech expressed his gratitude, saying: "We are grateful to NEC for their commitment to supporting our business. Their willingness to go above and beyond for their partners has been instrumental in our success, and we credit their expertise and guidance for our achievements.”

Mr. Perry Chuah, Director of BYO Tech


NEC's unified communications solution has provided HSAAS with centralized and efficient management of their communications system. The full IP-PBX, combined with analog trunk, digital and analog phones as redundancy ensures the continuity of operation in the event of network infrastructure failure.
Paired with BCT, HSAAS can optimize productivity and resources as BCT allows employees to act as operator when there is surge of incoming calls. BCT has an intuitive user interface making it easy to operate for the users. Service level and customer satisfaction can be improved with BCT for the operator.
As part of the digital transformation journey, HSAAS is future ready as they can expand without the need to replace the communications platform. IP solutions provides easier access and control over the network, as well as facilitating the daily tasks of the staffs.

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