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Intelligent Transport Management drives Ahmedabad smart city project forward

Ahmedabad is the seventh largest city in India, with a vision to become a smart city.
The city adopted NEC's intelligent transport management system to improve the quality of urban transit services to citizens, by analyzing data sets collected from different IoT and BI tools on one dashboard, making complex decisions more easier and efficient.

Smart card service will expand to realize a cashless society

India has started introducing smart cards. But the cards can only be used on certain bus routes, and cannot be used in other cities. However, NEC’s intercompany settlement system makes seamless transfer between transportation systems possible in many cities throughout Japan. Through unrivaled technology and management expertise, NEC can help bring a cashless society to India.

Smart card creates a safer, more secure, more efficient society

NEC is a global leader in IT and networking. We contribute to society by creating social value and supporting the development of safer cities. NEC also provides valuable solutions in the public transportation market. NEC's prepaid smart card system offers real benefits. NEC has issued over 100 million smart cards for the many transit card systems we have built.

SMRT Buses provides safe and reliable services through proactive driver training

SMRT Corporation (Singapore's multi-modal land transport provider) introduced a training system for its drivers. Using NEC's Big Data Technology, the system predicts risks that might lead to accidents by analyzing driver characteristics and improving driving skills.

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