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Driver Profiling System

What is Driver Profiling System ?

The system integrated with NEC analytics engine predicts bus accidents, by analyzing big data. Analyzed data include fleet information, driving behavior, and bus driver features such as driving experience obtained from driver management system. Driving behavior data is based on on-board telematics sensors installed by NEC monitoring speeds, accelerators, harsh deceleration, abrupt lane change, travel time etc.
Conventionally, the training with the use of bus simulators were provided to drivers who randomly selected as well as drivers who had caused accidents. We aim to prevent accidents by predicting the occurrence of accidents and encouraging drivers to take effective training courses.


  • Predictive Analysis
    Accidents are predicted analyzing various types of data, not only on driving behavior and driver attributes but also bus vehicle information leveraged by NEC's machine learning algorithm, Heterogeneous Mixture Learning.
  • Analytics Visualization
    Visualization of driver profiles, training history, and accident prediction result helps bus operators to offer their bus drivers the effective and efficient training programs.

Expected effects

  • Effective Use of Training Facilities
  • Reduced Number of Accidents with Effective Training

Conceptual illustration of Driver Profiling System



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