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Accident Reduction System

What is Accident Reduction System ?

A service that aims to reduce commercial vehicle accidents using vehicle operation data and video of accidents and dangerous driving obtained with drive recorders.


  • Accident Prevention with Safe Driving Guidance
    Vehicle acceleration and locational information, which is sent to NEC's cloud platform, is aggregated and analyzed, and alarms are sent in real time to vehicle managers when there is a close call, making it possible to rapidly provide drivers with safe driving instructions or give them a heads up, which helps prevent accidents.
  • Upload Data using Communication Lines
    By using mobile communication networks to upload video and operation data obtained by drive recorders, managers can quickly learn of a driver's current situation.
  • Reduced Costs in Vehicle Management
    By reducing the number of accidents, the cost of vehicle or vehicle maintenance drops along with a drop in fuel costs thanks to an increase in safe driving.

Expected effects

  • Accident Reduction
    When the drive recorder, attached to the windshield of the vehicle, notices any quick and sudden changes or impacts, it records video 20 sec. before and after the incident.
    1. Line managers can use video to learn about the driving characteristics of their drivers.
    2. Using video as a tool to get an objective view, concrete guidance measures can be created to prevent accidents.
    3. With drivers having a heightened awareness toward safe driving, milestones such as halving the rate of accident occurrence or getting the largest possible discount on insurance become possible.
  • Improved Operational Efficiency
    In addition to reducing accidents, eliminating waste and improving efficiency in vehicle management are possible using various screens and reports provided as standard.
  • Reduced Burden on Environment
    Safe driving reduces instances of sudden starts, breaks, and overspeed, leading to improved fuel usage and environmentally friendly driving.

Conceptual illustration of Accident Reduction System



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