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Automated Fare Collection

What is Automated Fare Collection (AFC) ?

NEC provides transit agencies such as bus and railway operators with automated fare collection system leveraged by contactless smart card with IC chip equipped. The system realizes accurate and reliable fare collection, contributing towards stable and productive business. Also, NEC offers from light AFC to large scale AFC with clearing and interoperability, in accordance with the development process of public transportation.


  • Service Diversity
    Not limited to fare collection, but also fare collection and express train reservation by mobile phone, and electric money usage at convenience store and restaurants can be realized. NEC offers diversified service with AFC.
  • Clearing
    NEC offers AFC dedicated to single operator, as well as AFC utilized by multiple operators featuring clearing house.
  • Rich Experience and Technology
    NEC supports AFC introduction with rich know-how and technology which have been accumulated while providing wide range of solutions to the transportation industry for a long term.

Expected effects

  • Accurate and reliable fare collection, fraud prevention
  • Promotion of utilization by improving convenience of public transportation
  • Maintenance cost reduction by contactless card usage
  • Various service offer with smart card

Conceptual illustration of overall transit system smart card system

Case Studies