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NEC Mobility Platform


Console is the operational heart of the NEC Mobility Platform. Console is the interface through which operator and authority staff access NEC Mobility services. It provides a single launching point for all operational services, leveraging a common user and role management service.


NEC’s Transport Specific Data Analytics and Reporting Platform stores up to 10 years of data sourced from the other NEC Mobility Services. Operators and authorities can better understand their business through a core suite of reports and visualizations highlighting important trends in the operational system.

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Operations provides the operational tools for transport operators to manage their fleets on a daily basis, including options for driver communications, headway management, vehicle monitoring and incident management, with configurable workflows available for many services.

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NEC’s solutions for video surveillance harness AI to automatically detect issues such as potholes and graffiti. It is designed to automate repetitive tasks and reduce staff workloads, improving safety and operations.

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Planning is NEC’s solution to support the transition to zero-emission operations. Planning centers on bus fleet planning, scheduling and timetable optimization, with packages available for EV fleet management including integrations to charge management services.

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Information is NEC’s suite of solutions and services for public transport passenger information, including public data feeds for real-time location and arrivals data, signage solutions at stops and platforms and in-vehicle and mobile applications. All designed with accessibility in mind.

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 Driver Support

Driver Support provides the solutions to assist operators in ensuring the delivery of safe, timely, and responsive services. The applications include shift management, navigation, driver coaching, communications and safety support.

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NEC’s ticketing solution supports cEMV and account-based ticketing as well as other mobility services payments, single-journey and group QR ticketing and card-based ticketing.

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NEC’s Mobility as a Service Solution and mobile apps range from simple arrival time notifications, journey planning and travel management to a complete MaaS app including ticketing and payments integration. All designed with accessibility in mind.

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Inspector is NEC’s Android app for operational staff that provides ticket inspection services, bus driver support services as well as communications services with an operator’s OCC.

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