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vEPC-based M2M Solutions

vEPC-based M2M services allow you to start small and scale out later

The machine to machine (M2M) service market is expanding with the proliferation of technologies that allow equipment and systems to communicate with other devices of the same type without the intervention of humans. To support this expansion, there will need to be an increase in network equipment capable of connecting extremely large numbers of devices.
However, if we rely on conventional EPC mobile network equipment to meet this demand, costs will soar.

NEC's M2M solutions utilize vEPC, a virtualized EPC environment constructed on a general-purpose IA server, and an M2M service platform for processing M2M traffic quickly and efficiently.
NEC's M2M solutions provide an M2M network that allows users to start small with minimal equipment investment outlay and scale out later.

Application example

See below for examples of using M2M solutions.

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