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vEPC-based BWA Solutions

Responding to exploding broadband demand with a high- tech vEPC solution

Amid an explosion in demand for broadband communications brought about by the rapid spread of smartphones, some areas unsuited to broadband wiring are facing the issue of how to construct a communications environment that can handle high-speed, large capacity data.
To meet these needs, NEC has applied virtualization technology to EPC mobile network systems that previously required dedicated hardware and has succeeded in creating vEPC, a virtualization solution that can run on a general-purpose IA server.
Using vEPC allows users to construct a BWA (broadband wireless access) system quickly and with minimum outlay. The constructed system can also be run with a small operating overhead.
BWA offers an attractive alternative to fixed-line broadband services such as ADSL and FTTH because it allows broadband connections to be set up and added in high-traffic areas such as airports, stations, and hotels with minimal equipment investment and maintenance costs.  An additional benefit of NEC's vEPC-based BWA solutions is that they provide low-cost broadband services to customers in sparsely populated areas where carriers have had difficultly constructing fixed-line broadband environments due to issues of ROI, thereby narrowing the geographical digital divide.

The main features of NEC's vEPC-based BWA solutions are:
 It is possible to start small and scale out later as demand increases.
 They use wireless technology, so systems can be set up quickly and easily.
 They can also be extended and used as standard LTE mobile networks in the future.

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