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NC7000-3A - User Data Utilization Platform -

Service platform that helps you to expand your ID utilization business by connecting "people and services" and "services and services" through the ID management, authentication, and authentication linking functions

ID utilization services using the NC7000-3A

As there are an increasing number of diverse uses of network services such as multi-device access from mobile devices and access from different networks, the NC7000-3A provides the functions required for providing and expanding secure, safe, and user-friendly services based on IDs.

The NC7000-3A is a product intended mainly for telecommunications carriers, content providers, and service providers that manage many users and terminals.

Effects of user data utilization with the NC7000-3A capable of biometric authentication

For web services that support security and usability at the same time

The NC7000-3A supports multiple authentication methods such as biometric authentication. You can select and combine optimal authentication methods for your requirements to improve the security, UX, and brand strength of your service.

Expansion of ecosystem business via secure user data linkage/utilization

The NC7000-3A helps you to expand business linkage with your partner by providing functions for secure links to user data obtained through your service to your partner providers.

Improvement of usability and reduction of operations man-hours via the integration of dispersed service IDs

The NC7000-3A integrates the IDs of services that manage user IDs on-site to improve usability and reduce operations man-hours.

Application examples

Mobile online banking

The NC7000-3A realizes secure biometric authentication in mobile applications that require usability and security at the same time, such as online banking.

【Provider benefits】
  • ・Enhanced security and improved usability
  • ・Minimum modifications of the existing system with business logic used as is because only authentication can be added on

【End user benefits】
  • ・Helps to reduce the hassle of entering a password every time

Applications as a Personal Data Store (PDS) platform

The NC7000-3A securely provides user data with the users' permission to service providers to allow them to provide finely tuned services according to user attributes.

【Provider benefits】
  • ・Improved corporate value by providing services that meet the needs of end users

【End user benefits】
  • ・Ability to enjoy better services by controlling one's own data by oneself
  • ・Minimum hassle in registering attribute information

Applications as an ID integration platform

The authentication platform matches and manages user IDs separately held by the existing services. It realizes an environment that can uniquely identify a user regardless of the ID used.

【Provider benefits】
  • ・Realization of an environment that can uniquely identify a user regardless of the ID used through ID matching
  • ・Reduced user management man-hours

【End user benefits】
  • ・Ability to use new services with one's favorite ID rather than creating a new account every time
  • ・No more hassle of authenticating every time via single sign-on

Details of product configuration

The NC7000-3A consists of the following 6 individual products. You can selectively introduce your optimal functions depending on the configuration of the existing system and functions used.


The NC7000-3A-CO supports the core functions of authentication. It manages multiple user IDs as well as the life cycles of IDs and passwords such as change, reset, and expiration. It also supports multiple authentication methods with a combination of password authentication and device authentication.


The NC7000-3A-OI supports the cross-domain SSO technology "OpenID" to realize ID linkage that does not require a prior trust.


The NC7000-3A-OC realizes OpenID Connect-based cross-site ID linkage. It has the characteristics of both OAuth and OpenID for applications in a wide variety of use cases.
Obtained the OP Basic Certification of the OpenID Foundation. (March 7, 2016)


The NC7000-3A-ID supports the cross-domain SSO technology "SAML2.0" for ID linkage and attribute exchange while maintaining strong security that requires a prior trust. It also filters user attribute information according to user specifications and applies available information policies. This allows limited information to be published to linking partners.


The NC7000-3A-OA supports OAuth2.0-based granting of access rights to user information. It allows user information to be published securely based on user permissions.

The NC7000-3A-FS is compliant with FIDO UAF 1.0. It provides a full lineup of authentication functions using a variety of biometric authentication such as face authentication for clients and servers to realize user-friendliness and safety.

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