NC7000-3A-FS FIDO Certified Solution

Mobile based client-side biometric authentication platform to solve online authentication needs of your customers by providing them SIMPLE access in a SECURE environment to ensure SWIFT transactions


NC7000-3A-FS is a FIDO UAF 1.0 certified client-side biometric authentication platform, which offers: face, fingerprint and voice (under development) authentication modules for mobile channels. Being client-side biometric authentication, our solution offers some additional benefits to the customers and end users over server side biometric authentication systems.

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In our system we have replaced cumbersome passwords with the biometric identity of the user which cannot be forgotten, lost, stolen, duplicated and shared.

Along with these benefits, there are some special benefits of client side authentication like: biological data cannot be hacked from server, it cannot be leaked over network as biological data is not stored and never travels over network.

With NC7000-3A-FS you can increase your business by:

  • a) Ensuring customer satisfaction by providing SIMPLE, SECURE and SWIFT transactions
  • b) Becoming authentication service provider to add additional revenue stream

Our market proven solution can offer cost savings (TCO):

  • 84%+ from SMS OTP
  • 79%+ from Hardware Token
  • 61%+ from Soft Token

along with the numerous benefits across business segments (Telecom, Fintech, Online Gaming, eCommerce, Banking Financial Services & Insurance (BFSI) and others).

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