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Effortless Check-In and Bag Drop

Hassle-free Check-in and Bag Drop

Unfortunately for many travelers, the beginning of their air-travel experience begins with frustrating delays when checking in with an airline and dropping off baggage. As the number of global air passengers has increased steadily over the last several years, this problem has worsened. According to the 2019 IATA Global Passenger Survey, air customers want to wait no more than 3 minutes to drop off a bag. Many airlines and airports have tried to ease this issue by introducing technologies such as mobile boarding passes and self-check-in kiosks, and while these have certainly helped, biometric services have emerged as an even faster method to seamlessly process air passengers while checking-in and dropping off luggage.

NEC offers biometric technology as a key tool which can facilitate fast and secure airline customer check-in and baggage drop off. Several of the world’s leading airlines and airports have partnered with NEC in order to implement biometric check-in and baggage drop off services to ultimately deliver a better customer experience. Using this technology, an airline passenger can opt-in to use biometric authentication to quickly both check-in and drop baggage without the need to show a passport and boarding pass. Customers can conveniently take a photo of themselves using a smartphone-based app and can be enrolled in the service within minutes.

Implementing biometric authentication for airline check-in and baggage drop off can unlock a wide variety of benefits not only to consumers but also to airports, airlines and on-site retailers.  Airline and airport operators can operate both check in counters and baggage drop off locations with fewer staff, unlocking considerable efficiencies. Customers themselves will depart with a new and improved customer experience which can result in increased customer loyalty in this extremely competitive industry. Airport retailers can also considerably benefit from the introduction of biometric passenger check-in and baggage drop off, as due to reduced passenger processing time, air travelers gain extra time to patronize airport shops.

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