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Simple, Frictionless Boarding

Board your Flight with Ease

The flight boarding process can often be chaotic and when issues arise with ticketing, oversized luggage and other issues this often leads to flight delays. The boarding process is also cumbersome for airline ground staff who are often required to travel long distances to reverify the identities of those boarding the aircraft with a manual passport check. Air passengers have identified the current traditional flight boarding process as one of the biggest pain points in the air travel experiences. According to the International Air Transport Association’s 2019 Global Passenger Survey, when asked how to most improve the overall air travel experience, better queuing at the boarding gate was the most common suggestion given, yielding 60% of total respondents.

NEC offers a simple, frictionless boarding solution which significantly reduces the time needed to board an aircraft. The NEC solution automates the entire boarding process and allows air passengers to use a biometric identity token as an authentication tool, and hence eliminates the need for passenger boarding passes.  The system is also very fast and can identify passengers in less than two seconds on average. Customer identities are automatically verified using biometric data and hence there is no longer a need to manually inspect a traveler’s passport and boarding pass to ensure that the correct person is boarding the flight.

NEC's automated boarding solution has been adopted by many of the world’s leading airlines and is now in use in several major airports. Adopting the system has yielded many benefits to these airlines. Customers can enjoy easy access to their flight, and ground staff no longer need to reissue lost boarding passes.  Manual passport and boarding pass checks are no longer required so each flight requires less gate agents to be physically present. As the overall boarding process is faster, this leads to more on-time departures which not only gives customers a better experience, but also helps airlines to avoid excessive tarmac fees and regulatory fines.