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Configurable Touchscreen POS

The new TWINPOS G5200 series provides an extensive line-up of standard, pole-mount, wall-mount, and low-profile models, enabling flexible installation in a variety of store layouts.

Value Proposition

Flexible Style


TWINPOS G5200Ui - Standard Model

TWINPOS G5200Ui offers the standard configuration that works for various store formats. Furthermore, an optional built-in UPS can be installed in the base unit for higher reliability.


TWINPOS G5200Ui-s – Small Footprint Model

TWINPOS G5200Ui-s - Ui-variant model - can be installed in spite of space limitations.


TWINPOS G5200Vi - VESA Compliant Pole/Wall Mount Model

TWINPOS G5200Vi is designed for stores which need more room on the counter. This configuration optimizes “vertical space” to create more horizontal counter space for displaying promotional items or POPs, leading to better customer services.


TWINPOS G5200Ei - Flat & Compact Model

TWINPOS G5200Ei creates open space between customers and staff to facilitate better communication at the customer touch points.

Stylish Design

Enhancing Store Ambience

The rounded form of TWINPOS G5200 series is NEC’s signature design which enhances the store ambience. Moreover, retailers can choose either black or white color that blends in with the store surroundings.

TWINPOS G5200 Ambience white

TWINPOS G5200 Ambience black

White Color Option

The white housing material with the UV absorbent protects the whiteness of the color for longer periods by preventing a yellowish tint.

TWINPOS G5200 white


Built-in UPS
  • TWINPOS G5200Ui comes with an option of built-in UPS installed in the base unit to ensure continuous operation during momentary power failure.
  • It initiates soft-shutdown after power failure.
Fan-less Operation
  • A low heat generating Celeron J1900 CPU enables fan-less operation.
  • The fan-less operation is especially suitable for environments with dust or oil usage, as well as for noise-sensitive places such as upscale stores or restaurants.
Solid State Drive (SSD)
  • TWINPOS G5200 series  offers  a reliable and long-life SSD.
Flat Display
  • The flat surface of display is easy to wipe and keeps out the dust and spill.


Screw-less covers enable instant access to parts with comparatively higher failure rates – the HDD, RAM and power supply unit.

The touchscreen replacement can be a pain point for maintenance staff. However, for the TWINPOS G5200 series, touchscreen can be removed by simply sliding the bars.


TWINPOS G5200 Ui screw-less covers

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