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DCMStar/ChainStore | Packaged Solutions

What is DCMStar/ChainStore?

A proven formula for success

NEC's comprehensive DCMStar/ChainStore retail solution is renowned for its ease of use, feature-rich flexibility and efficient web-based central management. All data is stored in a centralized database continually updated in real-time so your headquarters can more effectively manage individual stores and the entire chain.

DCMStar/ChainStore was developed based on NEC's vast and ever-expanding global experience in various retail fields and allows your business to take full advantage of recent advances that are raising the profits of leading chain stores around the world.

Main Features

Reap the many rewards of efficient chain management

Expand more rapidly

  • Swifter chain expansion
  • Attractive merchandising
  • Higher sales and greater loyalty

Manage more effectively

  • User-friendly operation
  • Accurate monitoring and fraud prevention
  • Solid expandable infrastructure

Product Overview

*..CRM Function will be available soon

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