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Technologies for OEM Services

NEC has long been noted for its engineering excellence, and commitment to quality and innovation. With 10 R&D facilities in the U.S., Japan and Germany, and more than 40,000 patents worldwide, customers can access the key ingredients to developing truly differentiated solutions.

High Performance Computing

For decades, NEC has been a leader in high performance computing (HPC) solutions. Our HPC hardware platforms and expertise have helped to nurture NEC's technologies at all levels. Committed to developing faster and more efficient HPC technologies, NEC has made significant advancements in parallel processing technologies, high-density packaging with high-speed data transfer, as well as high-speed interface for high performance optical interconnection.

Among NEC's HPC technology advancements is the SX-9, which is the world's fastest vector supercomputer. Ideal for weather forecasting, fluid dynamics and environmental simulation, as well as simulations for as-yet-unknown materials in nanotechnology and polymeric design, NEC's SX vector supercomputer offers superior operating performance for high-speed scientific computation and ultra high-speed processing of large-volume data.

Demonstrated HPC expertise ensures that NEC technologies are engineered with state-of-the-art science, performance and thinking.

LSI technology
LSI technology
High-speed interface technology
High-speed interface technology


“Ecology through IT” is the idea of reducing the environmental impact of all phases of NEC's business activities. Since 2003, NEC has been focused on limiting the movement of people and goods, reducing power consumption, reusing products and parts, designing new high efficiency products that save space and power, and developing biodegradable materials.

Two power-saving technologies now available standard in all NEC Express5800 servers include Power Limit Setting, i.e., power capping, and Schedule Server Operation. Power Limit Setting makes it possible to set power consumption limits on the server without needing to install the server in a power capacity limited environment. With EXPRESSSCOPE® engine 3 and ESMPRO Version 5, Scheduled Server Operations allow pre-scheduling specific servers to be powered on and off.

NEC is committed to supplying IT equipment that is environmentally sound throughout its lifecycle – from development to use to disposal. Among our proud milestones, NEC introduced the first liquid cooling server, reduced storage MAID power consumption by 30%, and created the ECO CENTER, which consumes 70% less electricity than most datacenters.

Innovation History of ECOLOGY IT platform

High Availability

Non-stop operation through fault tolerant hardware redundancy is one way that NEC delivers high availability (HA) to its customers. GeminiEngine® manages lockstep operation without affecting CPU or memory, ensuring that performance is unaffected by the demands of maintaining high availability.

What is NEC's ft Series server?

Phoenix/Super-Phoenix Technology

Developed and patented by NEC, Phoenix Technology establishes a new standard in storage reliability and availability. This breakthrough technology reduces hard disk drive (HDD) degradation caused by an unrecoverable HDD error by permitting the HDD to maintain operation without interrupting for a RAID rebuild. Earlier technologies removed the HDD from operation to begin the RAID rebuild process when a temporary performance degradation occurred, which wasted time unnecessarily and further degraded performance.

Phoenix Technology automatically reassigns error sectors and repairs HDDs in the background, which returns the system to normal operation quickly. NEC's RAID system constantly monitors the HDD's response, if a delay is observed, the HDD will be separated from the RAID and supervised while a background diagnosis is conducted. Host access continues without accessing the HDD under supervision. If the diagnosis confirms temporary performance degradation, the HDD is returned to ordinary use. If sector errors are confirmed, the data is recovered from backup sectors, and the HDD is returned to the RAID.

Super-Phoenix Technology is the next generation in NEC system reliability. In the event of a HDD failure, Super-Phoenix Technology automatically initiates a HDD cold restart. By resetting a single HDD, instead of rebuilding the entire system, users can reduce reconstruction time by up to 30%. Data availability is improved and storage logs are available to trace the data verification process.