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NEC's dedicated account team works closely with each OEM customer throughout the design, development, manufacturing, logistics, and support processes to ensure their satisfaction. We also make certain that our customers are prepared for the launch of each generation of technology.

The flexible service and support plans available through NEC are based on each customer's needs. OEM customers provide Tier 1 support to their customers, and in turn NEC is available to provide technical support to the OEM customer, if necessary. NEC provides historical data and failure analysis for each product, and works with the OEM customer to establish the RMA (return material authorization) process.

Product Life

Support extends beyond helping customers fix problems. For OEM customers, support also includes a partnership with NEC to ensure future products fulfill their solution needs, and to prepare for the launch of each generation of technology. The OEM account team keeps OEM customers briefed on the schedule and features of future products in order to collect candid feedback from our partners about each new system's feature set. When possible, we integrate OEM customer requests into each generation of system.

Product life(General flow of Engagement)


For years, NEC has been winning awards for its innovative industrial designs. Designs from NEC focus on the ideals of "Universal Design" to maximize the usability for more people, and "ecological design" to reduce the negative environmental impact as much as possible.

The visual appeal of NEC designs is conducted with the same level of detail as the engineering design that creates the features, functions and usability of NEC products. The skill and experience of NEC's mechanical engineering team is unparalleled with 2D-CAD and 3D-CAD.

Mechanical engineering simulation is also available to NEC customers. For example, when a customer is considering adding NEC equipment to their datacenter, NEC can simulate the environment and any TCO impact the new system would cause prior to purchase or install.

Manufacturing & SCM

With more than 100 manufacturing facilities, NEC is certified ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and TUV Standard. NEC's strategic supplier partnerships and flexible manufacturing options, including NEC and EMS (electronics manufacturing services) factories, are a direct value-added benefit to customers with strict quality and manufacturing controls.

SCM of IT product

OEM Customization

Full customization is available on NEC products for OEM partners. In addition to custom product specifications to satisfy OEM requirements, we also offer firmware customization to include the OEM brand or to achieve specific operational standards like performance tuning. The logo and color of the front bezel can be modified to OEM partner requirements, as well as in-box product documentation.

NEC support OEM customization by Document, Bezel, Firmware, etc...