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Server OEM

Energy Efficient & Reliable Performance

NEC's Express5800 Server Family delivers innovative features that address today's complex IT infrastructure computing needs. Powered by energy efficient and reliable Intel® Xeon® processors, NEC servers deliver the proven performance and advanced functionality that lower procurement and operations costs.

Fault tolerant serverFault-tolerant server

Scalable HA serverScalable HA server

Fault-Tolerant Servers

A few minutes of downtime are not an option in today's business environment. A single server failure could affect a company's whole system, resulting in enormous loss of business opportunities. Delivering exceptional availability through completely redundant components, the Intel® architecture-based NEC Express5800/ft series fault-tolerant (FT) servers provide the right solution to address planned and unplanned downtime and make non-stop operation a reality.

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Rack Servers

NEC offers powerful and scalable compact dual-socket rack servers (2U) with large-volume storage and massive I/O flexibility. High-density mounting combined with outstanding performance, reliability, energy-saving components and "green" technologies enable NEC's 2U rack server to support even the most demanding applications. NEC's rack servers easily process high volumes of data in the background of their primary tasks, which makes them perfect as database and Web servers for virtualized environments and consolidating business critical applications.

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