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NEC's AI combats the challenge of food loss

NEC's AI technology is the fruit of long years of research

With a long history of research in AI, NEC develops and offers numerous AI technologies to resolve global social issues and business challenges facing companies. Reducing food loss is one of many areas in which NEC's AI is contributing.

NEC's cutting-edge AI technologies

NEC the WISE, a suite of cutting-edge AI technologies

Using a general-purpose AI to address all social issues that are becoming increasingly complex and sophisticated is unrealistic. As suggested by the name "the WISE"—a plural noun referring to wise people—NEC integrates numerous world's No. 1 and Only 1 AI technologies to flexibly and rapidly respond to the diversified issues facing society. Furthermore, by comprehensively offering a platform and human resource capable of fully leveraging the potential of AI, NEC delivers high value added solutions to customers and to society.

Heterogeneous Mixture Learning powers the Supply and Demand Optimization Platform

Heterogeneous Mixture Learning automatically identifies highly accurate regularities amongst a large variety of data and makes optimal predictions based on the regularities and in accordance with the context. This makes it possible to obtain highly accurate predictions of complex elements for which the trial and error process has been limited by conventional manual techniques. Heterogeneous Mixture Learning is also capable of clearly showing the grounds for the predictions thereby providing insight to the reason the prediction was reached.

Use case: Supermarket (Product demand forecasting)

One use case for Heterogeneous Mixture Learning is its application in demand forecasting at supermarkets. Utilizing various data, such as on weather, day of the week, and temperature, supermarkets can predict demand and resolve issues like lost sales opportunities due to inventory stockouts, and food waste/loss due to overstocking, thereby eliminating waste and loss from the ordering process.