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NEC Cloud Brokerage Suite (ncbs)

Provide your business customers, yours and uncountable NEC's on boarded cloud partners' applications, all together, wrapped in a new and amazing buying and managing user experience.

Expand your business

Business applications marketplace
Cloud and yours

Cloud services have increasingly become the preferred method for delivery of business applications and services to end users. Users are seeking to gain access to these services through trusted providers that will enable them to consume cloud services securely and easily.
NEC Cloud Brokerage Suite (ncbs) is a robust and proven services broker platform that provides not only cloud applications, but any imaginable combination with Telecommunication Operators core solutions, such as broadband and mobile, or Service Providers IT solutions. NEC enables this way Service Provider's transformation into OTT.

Now ncbs comes with an enhanced user experience and simplified purchasing and management process, that both sales representatives or end users will enjoy.

More than 20 key references worldwide

NEC has been helping Carriers and Service Provider confidently realize the benefits that cloud bring to their customers, since 2009, with ncbs.
NEC counts more than 20 large worldwide operations of ncbs, that bring never imagined time-to-revenue.

ncbs cloud partners

NEC Cloud Brokerage Suite (ncbs) brings a broad catalogue of best of breed applications, from top market vendors such as Microsoft, Google and McAfee.
NEC partner ecosystem (www.neccloudpartner.com) has been growing rapidly since 2009, due to the huge opportunity that represent for application vendors, to be able to reach a global market just with a simple on boarding in ncbs.
NEC's leverage on its standard technology, AIW (Application Integration Workflow), to deliver more cloud services in a faster way.

Solution Highlights

Client control panel

Intuitive end user control panel to manage users and applications lifecycle.

  • Graphical dashboard
  • Application assignment to users
  • License increase/decrease, upgrade/downgrade
  • Customizable store front
  • Friendly user interface automatically adapted to the customer profile
  • Applications promotion, browsing & contracting
  • Role based privileges
  • Visible purchase history and auditing
  • User self support tools

Sales representative portal

Easy to use interface for the salesforce to manage their accounts and related orders.

  • Perform on-behalf actions (with/without approval processes).
  • Omnichannel capability

Integration capability

NEC Cloud Brokerage Suite (ncbs) has all required interfaces to online integrate any backend systems (OSS/BSS).
Furthermore it provides customer end-to-end single sign on, from Service Provider to the application vendor webpages.

Content management embedded

  • Intuitive administration tool
  • Layout modification by configuration
  • Contents online change

ncbs brings an embedded content management system for Service Providers to dynamically and smoothly, change both pages and contents of all front-ends (shop, client control panel and sales portal).

Next generation web interface builder that powers rich interactive websites.
Fully customizable to reach Service Providers branding and usability requirements.