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Carrier Ethernet Switch (CX Series)

CX2600 Series and CX2200 Multi-service transport solutions
<Next Generation Mobile Backhaul>


The mobile backhaul challenge

Broadband technologies like WCDMA, HSDPA and in the near future LTE, have already started to encourage Mobile Operators to expand their current backhaul links in order to transport new services like mobile TV, video conferencing, real-time games and mass adoption of full internet browsing and communication.

The exponential increase in required backhaul bandwidth would normally cause a similarly curved increase in cost while revenue per transported megabyte declines sharply. Mobile Operators now need to find a new backhaul cost model that can efficiently transport current and new services through both legacy and future all IP networks.

Underpinning reasons for high OPEX in mobile backhaul today are:

  • Backhauls are often scaled to manage peak rates
  • Synchronous backhaul leased line cost scales almost linearly with capacity
  • All traffic is often treated with exactly the same importance

The positive impact of Aggregation and Ethernet transport in mobile backhaul

Fortunately, there are scalable answers to the ever increasing demands for mobile backhaul bandwidth. The following factors help mobile operators to reduce mobile backhaul OPEX. NEC's CX2600 Series and CX2200 products are designed to enable these costs saving techniques in the backhaul:

  1. Leased Ethernet backhaul is significantly cheaper than SDH backhaul per Mbps.
  2. IP based backhaul can be shared since not all base stations will be transmitting at the same time
  3. Traffic from different types of network (2G, 3G, HSPA and WiMAX) can be aggregated onto a single more economical backhaul link
  4. Traffic from different base stations can be aggregated onto a single economical link
  5. Sometimes backhaul capacity can be shared across base-stations that see contrasting traffic patterns
  6. Traffic can be routed over the backhaul network that best serves the needs of the that service. This is especially important in situations where an operator has an established SDH network and added an IP network that can carry "best effort" traffic.
  7. Traffic can be switched respecting service priority though intelligent buffering which can smooth out traffic peaks in over-booked links maintaining QoS.
  8. Backhaul can be shared or resold between multiple operators on the same site.

NEC's CX2600 Series & CX2200

Backhaul Evolution

NEC's CX2600 Series and CX2200 products transport legacy and IP traffic through any kind of transport network. NEC's CX2600 Series and CX2200 allow Operators to offload data traffic through a low cost IP network with full QoS control. Besides that, according to each Operator's strategy, all the traffic (data and voice legacy) can be prompt migrated to an all IP network.

NEC's Multi-service Transport Solutions

NEC offers two types of mobile backhaul

CX2200 Multi-service Transport Gateway: Ultra compact, cell-side equipment ideal for aggregating several base stations at a site

CX2200CX2200 Multi-service Transport Gateway

CX2600 Series Multi-service Aggregation Switch: high resiliency, high capacity equipment ideal for hub locations aggregating several sites

CX2600 SeriesCX2600 Series Multi-service Aggregation Switch

CX2600 Series and CX2200 features:

  • Aggregate traffic from fixed and mobile technologies: 2G (TDM), 3G (ATM), 3.5G (ATM or IP), WiMAX (IP) and LTE (IP).
  • Transport legacy and IP traffic through PDH/SDH, ATM or IP networks.
  • Unify TDM and ATM traffic onto an IP network using pseudo wire technology
  • High bandwidth capacity with QoS management on a per flow basis
  • Complete set of interfaces: 10/100M/1G Ethernet, ATM, SDSL, SDH and TDM.
  • Data / voice traffic split and transport through IP and SDH networks
  • Integrated Packet switch and TDM cross-connect.
  • High flexible and accurate synchronization features
  • Full featured VLAN, PWE, IPv6 and bandwidth guarantee among different traffic and customers
  • Redundancy for common components and interface cards in the CX2600 Series

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