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M2M Solution


CONNEXIVE is a solution for efficiently introducing full-scale Machine-to-Machine (M2M)


CONNEXIVE connects all types of devices in a way that is safe and secure to create new value leading to a prosperous and innovative society.
CONNEXIVE connects all things, and creates a world in which all things are connected.

The great potential of M2M has been attracting attention worldwide

Connecting all devices, including household appliances, automobiles, vending machines, industrial machinery, and other equipment, to a network is becoming increasingly simple. The evolution of mobile network environments such as cellular phone networks and wireless LANs as well as the miniaturizing in size, high performance, and low cost of components for connecting to networks has facilitated this process.

M2M refers to a communication system in which all devices and machinery, including those that previously did not have the ability to communicate, can connect to a communication network. M2M communication enables devices to communicate with each other directly and without human intervention, automating management, monitoring, and data collection between devices, as well as providing services through devices.

A massive number of devices exist as M2M target, both in Japan and worldwide, and they have a wide variety of functions in diverse fields. Connecting these devices by M2M communication is expected to bring significant progress in every field by creating new services and innovating processes, and by making business more efficient.

In a Machine-to-Machine (M2M) system:

  • Devices connected on the same network exchange information with each other
  • Device data can be collected and devices can be controlled directly without human intervention
  • Data collected from the devices can be utilized in a wide variety of services
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The major challenges which M2M implementation is facing so far

The construction and operation of a large-scale system for collecting information through an extensive network of sensors distributed in many locations was necessary to realize M2M services. This required considerable investment into the system, and it seemed that only large companies in certain fields could implement it.

CONNEXIVE solves such challenges and realizes advanced M2M services

NEC solves these problems by developing an M2M service platform that packages the basic functions needed for M2M services and delivers M2M services with CONNEXIVE in a short time and at lower cost.

CONNEXIVE is a trademark of NEC Corporation.

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