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Logistics Visualization System (LVS)

Creating a Brighter Future with Logistics ICT

What is LVS?

NEC believes ICT solutions for logistics are the key to greater prosperity.

For customers facing difficult issues in logistics, NEC provides solutions that introduce visibility into global logistics operations. By providing information on "what, where and how much" in close to real time, customers can control inventory, manage operations more efficiently, and optimize supply chains, leading to improved shipping quality and higher customer satisfaction.

Overview of LVS

Answer = NEC's ICT logistics Solution ≧ Physical infrastracture


NEC will continuously provide optimal solutions for functional enhancement.

NEC strives to meet the latest market demands with optimal solutions for functional enhancement that support customers and market sustainability. This responsiveness is made possible by NEC's ready-made logistics visualization solution. NEC continuously provides the best possible solutions that not only resolve current issues but also work towards bringing a brighter future for all.


NEC's ICT solution fully utilizes. NEC's extensive know-how and expertise in social infrastructure development.

As an ICT service provider with a comprehensive business strategy, NEC offers not only enterprise package service but also cloud computing service. These services help speed up the implementation process and optimize the entire logistics value chain. NEC, with its wide-ranging experience in social infrastructure, ICT and networks, can grasp diverse market needs across countries/areas and provide overall optimization to ongoing issues.


NEC's ICT solution enables smoother service launches

NEC's ICT solution achieves smooth service launches without any significant effect on the current industrial structure by providing services that suit the particular needs of each country and area.
These services range from total system consultation to system implementation and cover everything from upstream (data center, etc.) to uses of specific systems (EDI, RFID, GPS, image recognition, etc.).

The advantages of visualizing the logistics system

Larger viewNEC's ICT solution for logistics contributes to a nation's development and prosperity


  • Customized data collection methods (EDI, RFID, GPS, image recognition, etc)
  • Suitable range and level of solutions in accordance with the market needs
  • International support services


  • Wide accessibility and search capabilities
  • Easy operation
  • Convenient database searching for vendor/service provider ID No.
  • Consistent management process from accepting orders to product delivery
  • Logistics process analysis for business operation and management
  • Alert function for anomaly detection
  • Optimal selection of carrier/cargo distributor/service provider
  • Convenient features tailored to each stakeholder, including alert record and asset management, asset promotion
  • Compiling of I/O interface with SMS and smart devices


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December 16, 2016
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April 27, 2016 - Press Release
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NEC software enables the visibility of logistics
- Improves service quality and streamlines operations -


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