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Application Tuning and Performance

Commercial Applications

With NECs history as a CPU vendor in the HPC space it has always had a close collaboration with ISVs to improve the software for scalability and performance. In keeping with this tradition NEC work with ISVs to optimize the usage for on NEC LX Clusters and on NEC SX computers.

With new architectures, and systems NEC works with ISVs to provide experience in vectorization and parallelization.

Customer Applications

In the large field of customer applications we have touched most areas from research into ocean currents to diagnosis in the medical field. This covers of course the traditional HPC areas in mechanical engineering like fluid/air dynamics and structural design.

Our application analysts are experts in their field and have a proven track record with regards to improving applications for our customers, with different architectures in mind. 
We also have a large in-house benchmark cluster to support this effort, covering many of the current and upcoming hardware platforms for HPC workloads.