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Business Continuity & Security

Case Studies

Institut Mutualiste Montsouris



Institut Mutualiste Montsouris is a private, not-for-profit hospital with 420 beds and 1,500 staff that treats many medical and surgical pathologies and also includes an experimentation and applied research center. In an ever more advanced medical technological environment, the institution's IT management were struggling with a difficult-to-administer cluster, a slow network and a backup system that was no longer coping effectively. They wanted to accelerate data transfer, assure continuous availability and reduce the backup window to less than 24 hours.

NEC's solution was to deploy the Express5800/ft Fault Tolerant Server and a backup infrastructure, which was completed extremely quickly, in just two 2-day phases. The fault tolerant server is designed to ensure 24/7 availability and its simplicity of operation has allowed the hospital to greatly streamline system administration and reduce workload. The Express5800/ft server delivers exceptional uptime and high availability through dual modular hardware redundancy with lockstep processing by redundant components, and round-the-clock monitoring is provided by NEC's technical department via their remote monitoring service. The system's backup window has been reduced from 27 to 20 hours and Montsouris now has a foundation in place to implement further optimizations in the future.

Continuity of service is of vital importance for a hospital. As Luis Stuardi, Montsouris CIO, says: “In our line of work a couple of minutes of disruption can be fatal to our patients. Since we installed the server 10 months ago we haven't had to stop it or reboot it once. The solution is entirely stable.”

Now the system is operational, Montsouris is so pleased with this solution that they are considering a second NEC fault tolerant server, monitored by ExpressCluster software, to ensure disaster recovery and transactions security for their Oracle database.

U.S. government healthcare organization contact center


A U.S. government healthcare organization established a national contact center in 2002 to respond to health benefits inquiries. The center handles over 17,000 calls per day with information regarding access, eligibility and enrollment in healthcare programs. The center needed to upgrade both management and security in order to handle increasing call volumes by using more home-based virtual employees. In such an environment, ensuring absolute data security is a prime requirement. NEC delivered a virtual desktop solution using a Thin Client implementation with Virtual PC Center (VPCC) technology, including integrated communications. This provides centralized administration for improved management and security, while protecting privileged information because no data can be stored on remote employees' computers.

After implementing this solution, the center found it was benefiting from reduced TCO, a greatly expanded pool of qualified potential employees and increased staff retention due to high job satisfaction. And on the primary requirement for enhanced security, the healthcare organization's contact center management noted that security protocols were greatly reduced since all security requests come through the organization instead of through an agent's PC.