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Comic Theater: What's NEC Global Services®

Welcome to our Comic Theater!
In this corner, we provide examples of NEC Global Services® using entertaining comic strips.

The Comic Theater stories are fiction. The characters, organizations and products that appear in these stories are in no way connected with existing entities.


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Vol. 7 (Global Client Management Services): Let's Standardize PCs globally!New

(Global Client Management Services): Let's Standardize PCs globally!

IT governance from a global perspective is becoming increasingly important as companies expand globally. Many companies are facing security-related incidents, increasing IT costs, and other similar problems.
Trading Company G has been active globally in this environment. The managers from the IT departments of international branches have gathered for a meeting. The branches from each country have made decisions without consulting one another, from the selection and procurement of software to security measures, bringing disorder to the meeting…


Vol. 6 (BC/DR Measures): Prepare for Calamity with BC/DR MeasuresNew

(BC/DR Measures): Prepare for Calamity with BC/DR Measures

Large-scale earthquakes like the Sichuan earthquake that occurred on May 12, 2008 or the Great East Japan Earthquake that hit on March 11, 2011 are occurring frequently. It is said that, in the not-too-distant future, we are in danger of another Tokai earthquake or a near-field earthquake in the Tokyo metropolitan area. When great disaster will strike cannot be predicted. But that doesn't mean that we can't take measures.
Taking a lesson from the Sichuan earthquake, Nam's, a manufacturer of PC peripherals headquartered in Tokyo, embarked on assembling disaster measures. Then the Great East Japan Earthquake struck.


Vol. 5 (e-Learning/Cultiiva Global): Skills Improvement to Create Skilled Employees

(e-Learning/Cultiiva Global): Skills Improvement to Create Skilled Employees

An IT system that supports the foundation of a global company-security becomes increasingly important as the system becomes larger.
However, the performance of even the strictest security system depends, after all, on those who use it. No security system is sufficient to protect important information assets if the level of employee security awareness is low.
Banzen Industry Company, which operates worldwide, seems to be having this kind of problem…


Vol. 4 (Help Desk): 'Help Desk' Conquering the world with IT!

(Help Desk) 'Help Desk' Conquering the world with IT!

This is 'Smile Mart,' the world's largest retailer, with stores all over the world. They are trying to improve efficiency by introducing the latest state-of-the-art IT system. However, the IT system is too difficult to use and the expected results have not been achieved. Each regional branch has installed a helpdesk to deal with this problem, but...


Vol. 3 (Network Management): Save the Online Shop!

(Network Management)Save the Online Shop!

Network systems, including the Internet as well as home wireless networks, have already become part of our daily lives.
However, the mechanisms and structures of these network systems are far from simple. A network system that supports a company's business operations may break down any moment for an unknown reason-and such incidents are becoming commonplace.
Helpme Net Company, a North American company that runs a worldwide shopping website, seems to be having trouble...


Vol. 2 (IT Management): HEY! Who's in charge here?

Vol. 2 (IT Management): Who the Heck is the Person in Charge?

Networks and IT environments support core business operations and their maintenance and operation require personnel with high-level IT skills. However, it is not feasible to employ a large number of IT experts for the management of IT systems even in domestic offices, not to mention overseas branches, which are often faced with serious difficulties, such as the unexpected resignation of skilled employees as a result of local attitudes to work.
Mannen Industry Company, which has a local factory in Country B in Southeast Asia, seems to be confronted with a problem...


Vol. 1 (Security Management): No More Email Viruses

Vol. 1 (Security Management): No More Email Viruses

The business world is globalizing at increasing speed and its development would be unthinkable without the most advanced IT equipment, including PCs. However, the IT skills required to use these advanced devices are not equally available in all countries around the world. In some countries, it may not be possible to use IT equipment at the same level as in Japan due to a combination of various factors, such as differences in education levels, how widespread PCs are and national traditions.
For example, Morino Electronics, a manufacturing company that has a branch office in Southeast Asia, seems to be confronted with a serious difficulty...