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In a typical college, teachers, staff and students are constantly on the move between buildings scattered over the campus and sometimes far outside it. This can impede communication, both between those who work and study on site and for people outside trying to make contact. A powerful technology for overcoming these obstacles is unified communications (UC). UC allows you to increase efficiency across the board using all-in-one solutions such as NEC's Business ConneCT and UCB (UC for Business) that provide software-based voice and desktop communications tools that include mobility, which provides a single number to ensure that each user can be reached at any location, presence and status to enable your staff to manage communications for maximized personal productivity, and unified messaging for email and voicemail that lets users manage all incoming and outgoing information and messages in a single inbox on their PCs.

Collaboration makes it easier for your faculty to communicate with each other and their students – the collaborative classroom seamlessly brings together intelligent projectors and monitors, thin-client systems and wireless networks for an enriched learning environment. And conferencing solutions that combine voice, video and new forms of media such as instant messaging bring clear benefits by greatly reducing everyone's costs in terms of travel and time.

Contact centers can optimize your call handling capability both internally and for outside inquiries, providing call routing, directory assistance and help-lines. Callers will appreciate quick access to department-specific assistance with services from admissions and registration to financial aid. Our contact center solutions, such as those provided as part of Business ConneCT and UCB are fully scalable to match your needs and can be tightly integrated to support specific applications – they can be any size, and provided in either a centralized or distributed deployment.

With UC, your staff can have the full functionality of their desktop communications wherever they are, out on the campus, traveling or working from home, since an NEC softphone like the UNIVERGE SP30 puts all the advantages of a converged voice and data network right on their laptop.

photoUNIVERGE SV8500

As data and applications continue to swell in volume, institutions require reliable server and storage solutions that boost capacity and improve return on investment. Server virtualization can dramatically reduce the number of physical servers and decrease costs of hardware, maintenance, power and air conditioning while minimizing administrative workloads through centralized management. It can also save office space due to the greatly reduced physical footprint required. Virtualization is a vital tool for making most efficient use of your resources, and one of NEC's major and unique strengths is our ability to provide comprehensive virtualization solutions, tailored to your requirements and capable of supporting almost any mix of software and hardware you may already be employing. A VPCC (Virtual PC Center) virtualized desktop solution integrates and centralizes client assets, such as data and applications, entirely on servers in the data center. This reduces your TCO and improves overall working efficiency. Another benefit not available in physical server environments is live migration – you can migrate your virtual servers to another physical server to perform maintenance or other tasks on the physical servers without shutting them down. And NEC's SigmaSystemCenter management software makes it simple for administrators to setup and manage usage environments.

Managing complex, high-performance communications networks can present significant challenges for large institutions. NEC provides user-friendly tools, enabling you to take control quickly and effectively. Our MA4000 Management System is a centralized web based management system. It provides a true single point of entry and will greatly reduce the amount of time and effort necessary to maintain your network.