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Industry Solutions - Education

THE NEXT LEVEL IN EDUCATION IT and network communications solutions for elevated performance


In today's open educational marketplace, technology is the essential factor to differentiate your institution in the eyes of both candidates and donors. Your students expect a secure, technology-enhanced learning environment that simplifies access to high quality content and supports personalized attention. Your faculty and staff need to communicate and collaborate with mobile flexibility that makes them reachable and lets them work at any location. Budgetary pressures mean you need cost-effective technology that can pay for itself over the short term, while securely handling increased data volume and applications and establishing a solid foundation for coming innovations.

NEC offers a powerful synergy of voice and data communications, networks and data storage solutions that will enable you to enrich the academic experience, enhance communication and collaboration, safeguard information, and support physical security. Our solutions are tailored to your precise needs, and by integrating and interoperating with your existing technology and assets, protect your investment while paving a smooth migration path for the future.

When you choose NEC to optimize your institution's performance, you are choosing one of the leading global ICT providers and the only one that spans the full spectrum of Computers and Communications expertise.