Enhance Security & Safety

Because Knowledge Should Be Accessible Yet Safe

photoFT Server R320

As an educational facility, you take pride in being accessible to your local community. But at the same time, it's your responsibility to be aware that your campuses and school buildings are exposed to unscrupulous individuals who might threaten the safety of people and assets.

The wise approach is to take pre-emptive measures rather than deal with undesirable consequences after the fact. Firstly, you need an integrated security solution to control and manage the physical environment that is cost-effective, and simple to deploy and maintain. NEC can supply integrated solutions that have proven their efficacy in real-world applications around the globe. Biometrics ID technologies including fingerprint, iris and facial recognition let you restrict access to sensitive areas (NEC's contactless hybrid finger scanners are also a fast and effective way to detect exam imposters). Intelligent video surveillance automatically detects suspicious behaviors that your busy security staff might otherwise miss: behavior pattern analysis can automatically identify people or vehicles intruding into or loitering near secure areas, unattended objects, turnstile violations or people tailgating on strangers' access cards. A major benefit in the educational setting is the way these systems can identify fights and dangerous behavior in a timely manner. You can also automatically monitor student attendance, and even detect eating disorders by monitoring canteen consumption patterns. RFID location tracking solutions use tags to prevent theft of your assets, while RFID-activated doors are a simple way to prevent unauthorized entry to secure areas.

Continuity of services is another important consideration in educational environments, and NEC is unsurpassed in its ability to deliver a complete business continuity infrastructure with hardware and software all from the same manufacturer. A solution built around the Express5800 Fault-Tolerant Server will give you 99.999% reliability with full redundancy, lock-step technology that ensures true mission-critical performance for your emergency services and records. While disasters and unplanned downtime get the big headlines, planned downtime for hardware maintenance and backups is the cause of most service interruptions. Our business continuity solutions let you eliminate planned downtime, ensure data protection, deliver high availability and be better prepared for disaster recovery. We call this “continuous availability" – 99.999% reliability means on average less than 5 minutes of unplanned interruption per year, including time necessary for repairs, updates, and general maintenance. Fault-Tolerant Servers provide emergency recovery capability when used with real-time backup or with EXPRESSCLUSTER, our family of integrated high availability and disaster recover software that offers a flexible range of solutions to enable fast recovery and continuous protection of your critical applications and data.


Computers are everywhere in today's educational environment, and along with many advantages this also provides a security headache for administrators who must guard IT systems against intruders and safeguard confidential information. Our Virtual PC Center (VPCC) solution uses thin client workstations to eliminate local storage. With no data ever stored on users' PCs, you gain enhanced data security and confidentiality, and greatly increased protection against malicious intrusion. Because applications and data are consolidated at your secure data center, new locations can be set up swiftly and effectively wherever necessary with no danger of weakened security. NEC also offers comprehensive managed services – you can free up your staff and lower costs by leaving your network security in our hands. NEC support staff will proactively monitor server applications, network devices and IP voice quality, and ensure hardware and software maintenance keeps pace with campus needs.

Unified Communication solutions greatly enhance your ability to react to emergency situations. Mobility and messaging can quickly notify students via the mobile network and reduce response time by tracking the location of callers' IP phones.