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Integrated E-Money Solution

An E-money Solution Implemented Quickly over the Cloud

NEC's “Integrated E-money Solution” consists of three primary elements: 1. “E-money servers”, 2. “E-money payment terminals”, and 3. “E-money media”.

  1. E-money servers
    These manage prepaid e-money issuing, e-money transactions and balances, user accounts, and settlement as a cloud service. In addition to the cloud-based solution, servers can also be installed on the customer's premises.
  2. E-money payment terminals
    These are used by stores to read information from e-money media.
  3. E-money media
    These include cards, mobile phones and smartphone applications for when users make payments.
Stores can also issue private-brand e-money, which helps to increase the number of repeat visitors and encourage customer loyalty.

Case studies

USJ Co., Ltd.

NEC provides Universal Studios Japan® with "Wonder Money" a pioneering smartphone-based service that is designed exclusively for Universal Studios Japan.

NEC is an official marketing partner of Universal Studios Japan.

© & ® Universal Studios.  All rights reserved. CR14-1217


NEC provides PVR, India's largest cinema complex, with a dedicated prepaid e-money solution that enables moviegoers to purchase goods at the cinema via a smartphone "wallet" application.

Businesses expected to use this solution

Amusement parks, stadiums, cinema complexes, airports, universities, hospitals, and many more

Businesses expected to use this solution

Why NEC?

NEC provides all of the necessary components for a complete e-money service, including e-money servers, e-money payment terminals, and e-money media. NEC can also provide a solution that customers may also select functions that fit their specific needs.


One-stop support for e-money issuing

NEC provides one-stop support for e-money issuing systems.

Speedy introduction

Services are provided over the cloud, enabling quick launch of private-brand e-money services. Low-cost e-money terminals are also available.

Linking of services to promotions and advertising campaigns

By using private-brand e-money, services can be linked to promotions and advertising campaigns.

Wide range of e-money media

A wide range of media can be used for e-money payments, from NFC-supporting smartphones to contactless IC cards, magnetic cards and barcodes.

Key benefits

Improves convenience for customers

The time required for payment is shortened, making shopping more convenient for customers.

Encourages customer loyalty and raises repeat visitor rates

E-money services can be linked to point systems and other added-value services to encourage customer loyalty and increase repeat visitor rates.

Enhances strategic marketing

The shopping histories of members can be analyzed to improve marketing strategies.


Functionality for e-money users

  • Can pay for goods using private-brand e-money and charge e-money accounts at each store.
  • Can check use histories and balances on the web.
  • Can register and change membership information on the web.

Functionality for merchants

  • Can register and change merchant information.
  • Can view the e-money use histories of each store.

Functionality for e-money issuers

  • Can easily manage membership and point systems.
  • Can view the e-money use histories of all merchants.
  • Can settle commission fees with merchants in accordance with the amount of e-money used.

Versatile Terminals for E-money Systems

  • Broad lineup from low-cost models to advanced EMV-compliant terminals
  • Lineup includes POS and tablet terminals, as well as terminals that can be attached to a smartphone by a USB cable
  • Terminals include an NFC module, enabling support for foreign e-money
Model number VRW-01 VRW-05
Features Low-cost model with only minimum required NFC and SAM (security) features. Model with NFC, magnetic card reading, and SAM (security) features.
NFC support
Supported standards Felica/TypeA(Mfare)/TypeB FeliCa/TypeA(Mfare)/TypeB
Reading functionality Magnetic cards -
Contactless cards
Display (LCD) Type - Monochrome
Screen size - 16 characters (Alphabet, numbers) x 2 lines
Interface USB USB
EMV compliance - Supports contactless
Security SAM slots - 4
Built-in SAM
Dimensions 117 mm (W) x 15 mm (H) x 131 mm (L) 112 mm (W) x 27 mm (H) x 139 mm (L)
Weight Approx. 150 g Approx. 175 g
Power supply USB USB

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