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NEC Digital Signage Solution

"PanelDirector  for Cloud"  is based on the customer voice and  know-how  we experienced  through  customer projects such as retail shop, finance, hotel, traffic, public, university, hospital  and  all kind of industry.

In case that complex group management is necessary , this system enable easy operation using player’s “Tag” !

Easy operation by using auto-playlist !

※It's possible to make a playlist with yourself.

Two types of PanelDirector according to your needs

PanelDirector is available as two different solutions: An “on-premise (introduction) solution” that introduces and builds a system, including servers, within the customer environment; and a "cloud-based solution," under which a system built at cloud data center is shared. You can choose the solution that best suits your needs and business environment.

Digital signage solutions unique to NEC

We bring you digital signage solutions developed on the strength of our comprehensive capabilities—world-leading signage technology, extensive experience and know-how acquired through a rich track record of successful introductions, and leading-edge cloud technology.

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