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NEC Digital Signage Solution

Creating more effective digital signage in diverse locations

PanelDirector  can be used in all kinds of locations where information transmission is needed, including retail stores, nancialinstitutions, hotels, ofces, municipal ofces, and various other public spaces. It enables ideal signage utilization through content delivery tailored to a target audience, place, time, and situation.


Platform and boarding gate display, operation status,facilities maps, campaign guidance, ad display, etc.

【Introduction benefits】
●User guidance with clear display of flow lines through dynamic guidance display
●Support of effective advertising through use of crisp and beautiful videos and pictures

Municipal offices

Counter guidance, special events information,display of various announcements, etc.

【Introduction benefits】
●Wide dissemination of information through display of various content
●Improved attention rate through eye-catching content

Financial institutions

Interest rate display, market information display, product announcements, contact information, etc.

【Introduction benefits】
●Improve convenience for clients by always offering the latest information
●Boost customer satisfaction by making waiting time more meaningful for clients

Retail stores

Advertising, image video display,campaign announcements, site map, etc.

【Introduction benefits】
●Boost sales through finely tuned content display according to each store location
●Increase the number of visitors through dynamic content that draws attention

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