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Integrated control and governance

Systematically managing ICT environments from an administrative point of view.

Fields that require governance are spreading to cloud-based systems and smart devices.

Development of ICT in areas such as the cloud and smart devices has expanded the range of areas that must be covered by company security management. Because the boundary between internal and external systems has become more ambiguous, there is a need for a higher level of regulation, such as access controls that cross boundaries. In this complicated situation, understanding the vulnerabilities of client PCs and servers is more important than ever, and quick response is vital.

NEC's "Count management" helps visualize risks.

By enumerating and visualizing people, ID numbers, client PCs, servers, and even logs, it is possible to understand what kinds of vulnerabilities exist in which locations. Quantification also makes it easy to quickly determine the degree of risk a company faces, and to prioritize measures.
To handle the growing number of threats, including vulnerabilities, targeted attacks, and internal information leaks, NEC provides the know-how that it has acquired through the NEC Group and through its business partners in the form of Proactive Cyber Security Solutions, which provide pre-emptive measures.

Protecting PCs from viruses and malware "Count management"

Any deviation in security measure levels becomes a point of vulnerability for cyber attacks. NEC has been using "Count management" to visualize security environments. Count management enables thorough understanding of which equipment is connected to internal networks, making it possible to ensure that all client PCs have security software installed.
In addition, if a client PC without the latest security patches installed is connected to the internal network or if malware is detected on a client PC, that client PC is isolated and cut off from the internal network by a quarantine network. These and other such measures provide valuable peace of mind.

Managing security risks to enable effective measures

NEC provides new "proactive" cyber security measures based on our internal "Count management" know-how.

Every day, new software vulnerabilities suddenly appear, rendering previously secure ICT environments vulnerable and in need of emergency action. The key to implementing successful measures is to have the latest information on threats and vulnerabilities on hand and control risks to your ICT environment. NEC has been implementing "Count management" for many years. This technology forms the basis of a platform that allows NEC to visualize within one hour which client PCs and servers among the 180,000 units in the NEC Group are vulnerable or have illegal applications installed according to industry reports output daily, and take appropriate and timely action to protect the company's networks. Additionally, NEC's cyber security experts are continually analyzing the latest threat and vulnerability information collected from around the world and adding it to a "security intelligence" database. NEC uses this "security intelligence" combined with our security platform that allows for real time visualization to provide "Proactive Cyber Security Solutions" that implement proactive and effective measures before cyber attacks occur. These solution offerings are known as the "NEC Cyber Security Platform."

Solve the problem of system administrator!
(Video) NEC Cyber Security Platform

Integrated control and governance

Total security management/handling solution

This solution enables you to swiftly detect and understand security risks or vulnerabilities in information systems, and to detect attacks by lurking self-erasing malware at the earliest opportunity. Not only can you pinpoint equipment with intrinsic weaknesses, but also get instant progress reports on the efficacy and appropriateness of security countermeasures.

Threat/vulnerability management solution

The solution provides the latest global information on cyber attacks and vulnerabilities and offers expert advice on how to handle any problems that may occur. The solution also facilitates the creation of effective, tailored countermeasures to suit individual systems.

Total ID management solution

This solution can help improve access security, user convenience and management efficiency by conducting tailor-made total management of multiple system IDs and access rights, and supporting the disciplined, centralized control of people and their access rights.

Total log management solution

This solution is designed to help discover latent incidents for the first time, and it can also help investigate the source of any incident as it occurs. This is achieved by amassing and comprehensively managing all system logs, and conducting correlation analysis.

Cyber security HR development support solution

NEC channels its wealth of experience and knowledge into devising fundamental security training and cyber simulations that can help boost cyber security resilience through human resources.

Solutions in action: Proactive cyber security

NEC's expert cyber attack countermeasures instantly satisfy executive managers.

NEC has worked hard to visualize all the servers and PCs operating within its internal systems, and to enhance its instant response to newly emerged vulnerabilities. Today, NEC is able to pinpoint any threat to its 180,000 internal devices within one hour, and, in every case, apply the right patch to eliminate the threat.


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