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NEC provides infrastructure that functions when and how required to protect your information assets.

To maintain an ICT environment that supports your business, you need balanced security infrastructure that includes a document management system to protect information assets, physical security, and quarantine systems for PCs that are brought in from outside.
NEC leverages the operational know-how of the NEC Group to provide security infrastructure that protects confidential trade secrets and customer information while handling external attacks and internal fraud, and also places importance on maintaining convenience for users.

Platform Solutions

Smartphone device security solution

This solution is designed to protect smart devices such as tablets and smartphones, notebook PCs and feature phones from information leaks, malware infections and fraudulent usage, without detracting from their convenience.

Secure PC system solution

This solution aims to maintain and improve levels of security by clarifying the PCs managed internally within an organization or corporation, visualizing the application of patches and other security countermeasures, and supporting the operation of PC security countermeasures in line with a predetermined security policy.

Thin-client solution

This solution enables a customer to conduct business safely from any location by selecting thin clients that suit their individual system environment and area of operation.

Database security solution

This tailor-made database security solution uses data, transmission and backup encryption to protect against fraudulent access from inside or outside a company, information leakage or database tampering.

Gate management system solution

This solution offers secure gate management to control movement in and out of buildings and specific sections within a company. The solution uses IC cards or biological markers (fingerprints or facial recognition) to identify individuals, control visitor access and prevent the removal or theft of information from company premises.

Bio/IC card authentication solution

This solution employs unique biological identifiers such as fingerprints and facial recognition to create a secure log-in authentication process for PCs and internal systems.

Firewall IPS solution

This solution uses firewall IPS technology to provide a safe and secure platform for connecting to the internet, reducing the risk of a system being illegally accessed from outside the company or infected by malware when internal users are searching the internet.

Authentication linkage solution

This solution offers a secure environment in which to use internal and external applications via a single sign-on. The authentication links are tailored to a customer's intended usage, so the solution not only maintains security but also enhances user convenience.

Remote access solution

This solution, tailored to a particular business or system environment, enables users to safely access internal systems remotely from any location by encrypting or authorizing transmissions.

File management security solution

This solution facilitates the strict management of vital paper records in order to protect them from theft or destruction. A company can also control the random handling of important paper documentation by using IC-card authorized printing or watermark printing that records who printed a specific document, and when.

File protection

This solution helps determine the best way to protect files, prevent information leaks and ensure the safe handling of files when external players are involved. The measures are tailored to avoid hampering a customer's business, system environment or typical file usage.


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