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Counteracting internal fraud

Protect important corporate information from internal theft.

Just how well do you manage your important information?

Concentrated data management and IT systems constitute the driving force of today's modern corporate activity, but they can also pose a significant risk to a company's fortunes. It is fair to say that the recent increase in incidents involving the leakage of internal information just would not have been possible with previous generation IT systems.

Information security is designed to curb the latent risks in forward-driving IT systems, and instead of seeing it as a cost, many companies now view it as fresh investment to help make business more agile and efficient.

In today's world, companies need to know where their important information is located, who is managing it, and what level of attack or threat it could currently withstand. Having ascertained that, companies need to decide what they are prepared to invest, not only in IT systems, but in information security policies as well.

The three necessary conditions for fraudulent behavior.

Many people now adhere to the Triangle of Fraud theory, first proposed by American criminologist, Donald Ray Cressey, stating that three factors must be present at the same time in order for a regular person to commit a fraudulent act. Those factors are pressure, opportunity and rationalization. Information security countermeasures can repress these factors significantly, by removing the "opportunity" to access information and the "rationalization" of fraud that arises from a conviction that actions won't be checked.

Continuously updating all measures, including security policy creation, education and risk analysis, is indispensable.

Email, CD-Rs, thumb drives, cloud storage, and smartphones have allowed us to work much more efficiently. On the other hand, ICT developments have led to information leaks caused by fraudulent acts by employees or through human error. It is necessary to analyze the risks involved in using new devices and services, and continuously reinforce measures, such as updating security policies and educating employees. In addition to measures such as access limits, using thin clients, controlling external media and devices, and encrypting data, introducing operations monitoring and log analysis devices also have a deterrent effect.

NEC's proven fully operational internal fraud countermeasure solution.

NEC channels its internal expertise into creating customer solutions that smooth the transition to thin clients, control external storage media and devices, and prevent unauthorized devices from connecting to internal networks. In the unlikely event of a security breach, NEC can facilitate post-incident analysis through privileged ID management and monitoring that doesn't interfere with daily business operations, and help protect sensitive information databases through detailed access authorization and data encryption.

Solutions to counteract Internal Fraud

Privileged ID management enhancement solution

This solution enables managers with privileged ID to control access and monitors operations. The solution can help prevent unauthorized access to customer information and destruction of logs, and it also helps fulfill compliance responsibilities.

Data center access management solution

Plans a comprehensive security policy system for data center operations, instigates appropriate access restrictions and devises security measures.


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