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NEC uses its system-reinforcing and technology development expertise to create standard solutions to counter increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks, and security measures tailored for entire organizations and systems.

NEC provides total solutions to suit entire organizations and systems by focusing on five areas. 1. Consulting to visualize risks by diagnosing vulnerabilities, propose improvements, and help customers create security policies tailored to their needs; 2. Integrated control and governance through which companywide control is implemented and security levels are maintained and improved; 3. Platforms that are the base for realizing the created security policies; 4. External attack measures which cover the operations and monitoring of systems for protecting against cyber attacks such as targeted attacks and DDoS attacks on web systems, as well as incident response; and 5. Internal fraud measures to prevent the leakage of information, whether deliberate or unintentional.
NEC also provides security for its customers by reducing the risks unique to various businesses through its "Business-specific Solutions" that include everything from consulting to operations based on our rich experience and system construction know-how.

NEC Cyber Security Solutions

Counteracting external attacks

Protecting systems with advanced skills and knowledge: Multi-layered defense, high-quality, specialist operational monitoring and incidence response support.

Internal Fraud

Protecting important corporate information resources from internal leaks.

Integrated control and governance


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