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NEC provides support for improving work and creating organizations through multifaceted diagnoses.

NEC analyzes the entire ICT environments of its customers from various angles, confirms the implementation status of existing security measures, and proposes solutions, including those related to work improvements and systems operations. We also utilize our long experience in operating a CSIRT within the NEC Group, and support our customers by providing emergency responses that assume incidents will occur and building disciplined organizations.

Consulting service of the cyber security management point of view

NEC provides the consultation service with which a security measures of an enterprise is supported from the cyber security management point of view. It supports a security measure including a business partner of a supply chain and the secure manufacturing which contemplated IoT era using their practice experience. NEC develops a control system as well as the ICT environment based on their correspondence results to "cyber security management guideline", and a used enterprise also visualizes risk in a target, and the "risk assessment service" to which the measure is proposed is offered.

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Penetration testing/analysis consulting

NEC can diagnose vulnerabilities in a customer's systems from platforms through to web applications. NEC uses this analysis to propose measures to boost a company's resilience against cyber attack.

Information security consulting

Having analyzed a customer's existing information security countermeasures, NEC can then help plan additional information security equipment that dovetails well with any previous IT investment. We can also help determine an overall security policy.


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