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Developing of professional personnel

NEC is developing security professionals with excellent practical skills.

Because cyber attacks become more sophisticated every day, NEC is strengthening its efforts to develop security personnel who can improve the security measures of products, systems, and services, and who can help customers in many different areas.

Development of professionals

Definition of security personnel categories

The NEC Group has defined the security personnel that it requires, and is training professionals in each category. We are continuing to improve this system by cooperating with our customers to define the security personnel that they need. Moreover, we are working together with NEC Group companies, such as the Cyber Defense Institute, and partner companies to prepare training courses for each personnel category, and making these courses available to our customers.

Security personnel categories

We have established a certification system of our own and encourage our staff to acquire official qualifications.

NEC has established the NEC Certified Professional System to certify personnel who have advanced security expertise. NEC also strongly recommends the acquisition of official qualifications for security, and is expanding the number of staff with CISSP*, which is an international certification, Information-Technology Engineers Examination for Information Security Specialist, and the Registered Information Security Specialist qualification. Employees who have advanced skills, work experience and/or certification in the information security field take the lead in providing customers with optimal solutions.

  • *CISSP Certified Information Systems Security Professional

Developing a community of next-generation experts and implementing a companywide CTF

The NEC Group already has a security community made up of over 300 security staff, and follows up on professional development of the next generation through means that include holding regular workshops on topics such as sharing of intelligence and investigation of technology. We also hold the NEC Security Skill Challenge, an internal Capture The Flag (CTF) competition open to all employees in the NEC Group. In fiscal 2016 about 1000 employees took part. It is through measures like this competition that we are succeeding to increase our base of security experts.


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